The therapeutic application of yoga, for preventive or curative purposes, proposes a physical, emotional and mental recovery, improves tolerance to exercise, blood oxygenation and increases vitality, strength and muscle, bone and joint strength.

Anyone can practice it, regardless of their age or condition. It alleviates physical problems and is particularly effective when it complements other medical treatments. The postures (asanas) are designed to open and rebalance the energetic channels of the body, especially the spine.

Yoga-therapy selects, adapts and modifies yoga techniques for each person..

Benefits at the psychic level

  • Increases reflective capacity.
  • Allows control of the harmful impulses of the mind.
  • Balances emotions, generating a sense of integration.
  • Facilitates states of introspection and decreases psychic conflicts.
  • Frees the mind from obsessive thoughts.
  • Balances emotions in times of crisis and affective disorders.
  • Improves self-esteem.
  • Prevents insomnia.

Benefits at the physical level

  • Increases flexibility and muscle mobility.
  • Relaxes and tones the muscles.
  • Strengthens the spine.
  • Stimulates the endocrine glands.
  • Optimizes the immune response.
  • Improves digestion, circulation and respiratory condition.



Each therapy is composed of different phases. Initially a test is performed to determine the conditions or ailments of the physical and / or mental body in general. It should be noted, that yogatherapy does not diagnose, nor does it medicate: for this reason, it is of vital importance for each person to be previously diagnosed by a skilled doctor and to have full knowledge of their ailments. Based on this medical diagnosis, a specific and personalized practice is designed for each person, and the guide for its execution is initiated. Depending on each case, as in the intensity of the pain, muscular development, age, etc., the intensity of the practice varies.

“The initial objective is to eliminate the pain and obtain the functionality that was lost by the pain mentioned, if it were the case, then stop the negative tendencies on the physical body and finally stabilize the systems or structures.”


  • To understand the cause of the disorders and their development on the lumbar spine, pelvis, lower extremities, cervical and thoracic spine and upper extremities.
  • To use the methods of classical yoga, especially movement and breathing, combined with some medical concepts (mobility without pain, stability, endurance, strength, range of mobility and flexibility), to alleviate or eliminate the ailments.
  • To improve your posture.


  • The workshops on mindfulness (yogic mindfulness), changes in cognition, depression and addictions seek:

    • To understand the classic concepts of yoga and relevant texts on mental health.
    • To understand what is the role and focus of the stillness of the mind.
    • To understand the meaning of mindfulness (yogic mindfulness) in asanas, breathing and daily life.
    • To develop holistic yogic practices combining body, breathing and mind that support the treatment of depression and addictions.

Breathing and cardiovascular disorders:

Through these therapies you will be able to::

  • Experiment and understand the different patterns of breathing.
  • Analyze and modify breathing patterns in different asanas to meet their specific needs.
  • Work therapeutically on breathing through sound and singing.
  • Access yoga-therapy sessions to relieve respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, especially high or low blood pressure.


The therapies have been designed with the purpose of alleviating or eliminating the various ailments of the physical body. The format is the same in each one of them: it starts with a warm-up of joints and muscles, then the core of the practice works on the specific ailment and finally a cooling and relaxation phase of the body is performed.


It is very important that the stomach is empty when you practice asanas or pranayama. Keep in mind that we do not only work on bones and muscles: by integrating the breathing with movement also internal organs are intensely massaged.

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Your personal coach, María Victoria Mejía, will work with you for one hour, as often as you may require, on topics of health or general wellbeing, mindfulness or meditation, nutrition or yoga-therapy for specific ailments. The session can be in English or Spanish, in person if you live in Bogotá, or Villa de Leyva, or through Skype if you live in another city or country