How many people can go to the workshops?

2 people maximum.

Does the cost include accommodation?

Yes, maximum accommodation available at the workshop site, 1 person or a couple.

How do I get from the airport in Bogota to Villa de Leyva?

Maria Victoria Mejia’s team will pick you up at the airport and take you back.

Does the cost include food?

Yes, breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be taken in the village according to of each participant’s preference.


What are the therapies?

Based on a one-hour interview, Maria Victoria designs a personalized practice according to the ailments and conditions of each person. Then around 10 to 20 sessions are developed so that the person learns to do their practice, at the end of which the person will be able to continue alone.

How are therapies coordinated?

To coordinate therapies contact me via email. This way we can make an assessment of the case and establish schedules and costs based on the weekly intensity.

How can I take yoga-therapy sessions if I do not live in Bogota?

If you live in another city or country, the therapies will be done via Skype. In this way we will have visual and audio access to execute the practices designed for each particular case.

How much time does each session take?

60 minutes.


How long does my download link last after buying my video?
30 days

How many times can I download my video?
2 times


What is the payment method for the workshops?

According to the specifications we agree on, such as number of people, whether the accommodation is in the place where the workshop is held or in a hotel, number of days and nights, whether you arrive to Villa de Leyva or if we pick you up at the airport in Bogota, the price of the respective workshop will be established which must be paid for in advance.

What means of payment are accepted?

If you live in Colombia, the payment is made through a bank deposit in accordance with the data we will send you in due course. If you live in a different country, the payment is made through Western Union wire.

How will my information be used?

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared with anyone.


What do I do if my order has not arrived within the established time?

This question refers to DVDs that will be sent via airmail. If it is in Colombia the shipment will be sent through Servientrega and if it is abroad the shipment will be sent via Federal Express or DHL. In any case, immediately after dispatching, you will receive an email with the tracking number and pertinent information about dates for delivery, etc. Should any delay or problem occur with the delivery, please contact us to make the respective follow-up and solution to the case.

What are the distributors that sell DVD’s in Colombia?
In Colombia the DVD’s ref “Does your back hurt?” Are also distributed by Discos Tango and Quanta.

Does the shipment have any cost?

Not in Colombia but abroad. beforehand and depending on the place of destination, you will be informed of the value of the freight.


What guarantee does my product have?

Yoga is a methodology of which processes and teachings are lived only through the experience and feeling of each person. If you are disciplined and do minimal yoga 3 times a week, following the instructions to synchronize your breathing with movement and being aware of what your body is doing, you will get tangible results. Otherwise it is possible that nothing happens or in the best case scenario, the evolution will be slow and very long term. If you are not attentive while doing asanas, you may even be injured, as with any sport.

It is very important that you always take into account CONTRAINDICATIONS and do not overdo it. Be gentle with your body.

On the other hand, if you are disciplined, follow the indications and also lead an orderly life, with a healthy diet (more alkaline than acidic), you will feel that your body recovers quickly, rejuvenates, your posture is correct and your movements change. This is because your back and in general the whole musculature will be strengthened, and your organs and joints will be less contaminated with toxins. In other words, EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON YOU!

Can I return a product that I no longer want?

No returns are admitted.

Yoga requires persistance and a deep understanding of the practice.

In this section we clarify some doubts in form but we would love to hear more of your interest in the subject and address more specific aspects.